Takayama Tomoteru

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The Takayama kamon.

Tomoteru was a retainer of Matsunaga Hisahide. He lost his castle of Sawa in Yamato province to the Miyoshi in 1565. He was related to Wada Koremasa and was able to find service under that lord once Oda Nobunaga occupied Kyoto (1568). He was involved in the Wada's war with the Araki (1571), and present when Koremasa was killed in battle. With his son Shigetomo, Tomoteru arranged for the murder of Wada Korenaga in April 1573. Through this move the Takayama gained Takatsuki castle and moved under the influence of the Araki. When Murashige rebelled against Nobunaga in 1578, the Takayama followed suit, though Shigetomo was convinced to abandon Takatsuki--to his father's chagrin. After Murashige fled to the western provinces (1579), Tomoteru retired. He had been baptized in 1564 as Darie, though previously he had been an ardent foe of Christianity and had attempted to convince Matsunaga Hisahide to expel the foreign missionaries from Kyoto.