Takami Yaichi

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  • Other Names: 松元誠一 (Matsumoto Seiichi)
  • Japanese: 高見弥一 (Takami Yaichi)

Takami Yaichi was a samurai from Tosa han who in 1865 accompanied a group of eighteen young men from Satsuma han in sneaking out of the country to go study in Europe.

Takami was 31 years old when he left for Europe. Like the other young men on the trip, he took on a false name in order to help avoid trouble with the authorities upon his return; while in Europe, he went by Matsumoto Seiichi. Takami studied naval surveying while in Europe, and returned to Japan in 1866/8. Though originally from Tosa, he settled in Kagoshima, where he became a math teacher at one of the city's middle schools.


  • Plaque at Satsuma students monument outside Kagoshima Chûô train station.[1]