Takahashi Shoun

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  • Born: 1548
  • Died: 1586
  • Other Names: 高橋鎮種 (Takahashi Shigetane)
  • Japanese: 高橋紹運 (Takahashi Shouun, Jouun)

Takahashi Shigetane, or Shôun, was a vassal of the Ôtomo clan of Bungo province, and governed Chikuzen province. In 1586, he was attacked by a Shimazu army of 50,000 at Iwaya castle in Dazaifu. After holding out for over a month, he committed suicide. Though Takahashi and all of his men were killed, his resistance played a key role towards the Shimazu decision to give up on their efforts to push further into Ôtomo territory.

After the Battle of Sekigahara, the Takahashi clan would cease to exist. However, Shôun's bloodline did continue. His seal, flag, and umajirushi are all unknown.