Sho Shoi

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  • Other Names: 今帰仁王子 (Nakijin ouji)
  • Japanese: 韶威 (Shou Shoui)

Shô Shôi was the third son of Shô Shin, King of the Ryûkyû Kingdom.

A major figure of the Gushikawa family, he was appointed jitô (steward) of Nakijin magiri at some point between 1488-1505, and came to be known as "Prince Nakijin." For about seven generations from then, he and his descendants served as Hokuzan kanshu ("Warden of the North"); this lasted until 1665, when his descendants moved to Shuri.

Shô Shôi is entombed in the West Chamber of the royal mausoleum, Tamaudun.

A direct descendant of Shô Shôi, Urasoe Chôki, served as sessei from 1835-1852.


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