Ryukyu-koku kyuki

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Ryûkyû-koku kyûki is a text describing the topography of Ryûkyû, compiled by Tei Heitetsu and completed in 1731. The text is based on the Ryûkyû-koku yuraiki, which was completed in 1713 with the aim of correcting the errors in that earlier document, and supplementing its content.

The Ryûkyû-koku kyûki adds nine additional volumes to the eleven volumes of the Ryûkyû-koku yuraiki, for a total of 20 volumes. Unlike the Ryûkyû-koku yuraiki, the later Ryûkyû-koku kyûki is written in Chinese. Gregory Smits has suggested that it was common for Ryukyuan official histories to be translated and modified in this way, presenting a more strongly pro-China version of events, in order to be given as gifts to the Chinese Court by Ryukyuan students in China.[1]


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