Onna Chushingura

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  • Debut: 1782
  • Other Names: 女忠臣蔵 (onna chuushingura)
  • Japanese: 加賀見山旧錦絵 (kaga miyama kokyou nishiki-e)

Kaga miyama kokyou nishiki-e, popularly known as Onna Chûshingura, or "Women's Chûshingura," is a kabuki & bunraku play by Yô Yôtai, about ladies-in-waiting seeking blood revenge against someone who shamed their mistress so much that the mistress committed suicide.

The play is based on a historical event which took place in 1723. A lady-in-waiting was so humiliated by a more senior lady-in-waiting that she committed suicide; Yamaji, a maidservant to the woman who killed herself, then avenged her mistress by killing the senior lady-in-waiting.


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