Oda Nobutomo

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  • Born: 1516
  • Died: 1555
  • Titles: Shûgodai
  • Other names: Hikogoro
  • Distinction: Owari warlord
  • Japanese: 織田 信友 (Oda Nobutomo)

Nobutomo was the head of the Iwakura Oda family and ruled the four southern districts of Owari province. He acted as shûgodai (deputy governor) for Shiba Yoshimune, behind whom he ruled. After Oda Nobuhide died in 1551 and Nobunaga was named as the heir, Nobutomo plotted to assassinate him. Yoshimune learned of Nobutomo's designs and alerted Nobunaga, with whom he had a secret relationship. Nobutomo discovered Yoshimune's activities and had him killed. Nobunaga responded by attacking Kiyosu castle and Nobutomo was killed.