Nishikikoji Yoritomi

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  • Died: 1864/4/25
  • Titles: Uma no kami
  • Other Names: 翠園 (Suien)
  • Japanese: 錦小路 頼徳 (Nishikikouji Yoritomi)

Nishikikôji Yoritomi was one of seven court nobles (incl. Sanjô Sanetomi) banished from Kyoto in the Fall of Seven Nobles Incident of 1863/8/18 for their support of sonnô jôi and opposition to unification of the imperial court and the Tokugawa shogunate.

Yoritomi died of illness in Shimonoseki on 1864/4/25. His funeral was held at Ryûsenji temple at Yuda (Yamaguchi City). He was buried in Akazuma village, Suô province, and was later posthumously elevated to Senior Fourth Rank.


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