Natsuka Masaie

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  • Died: 1600
  • Titles: Ôkura Tayû
  • Other names: Nazuka Masaie
  • Distinction: Toyotomi retainer

Masaie was known for his skill as a quartermaster, first under Niwa Nagahide and then Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He was a key element in the logistical success of Hideyoshi's 1590 Odawara Campaign and received a 50,000 koku fief in Ômi province at Minakuchi. In 1595 he was named one of the Go-bugyô (Five Magistrates), responsible for the administrative tasks associated with Hideyoshi's rule. He sided with Ishida Mitsunari during the Sekigahara Campaign of 1600 and was involved in the siege of Anotsu and the Battle of Sekigahara itself, where his 1,500 men saw little action. He was afterwards besieged in Minakuchi by Ikeda Terumasa and committed suicide.