Nakijin Chogi

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  • Born: 1702/11/2
  • Died: 1787/8/17
  • Other Names: 宣謨 (Shou Senbo)
  • Japanese: 今帰仁朝義 (Nakijin Chouji)

Nakijin Chôgi, also known by the Chinese-style name Shô Senbo, was a high-ranking official of the Ryûkyû Kingdom. He served as sessei, and as lead envoy on the 1752 Ryukyuan embassy to Edo.

Chôgi was the eldest son of scholar-aristocrat official Nakijin anji Chôki, and was thus the tenth generation head of the Gushikawa family branch of the royal family. As such, his genealogical connection to the sitting king, or to the line of succession, was quite distant, his closest kingly relation being King Shô Shin, eleven generations back.[1]

Chôgi became family head, and jitô of Nakijin magiri following his father's death in 1724. In 1747, he was elevated to the rank of Prince.


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