Nakano Dohan

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  • Other Names: 中野市右衛門 (Nakano Ichiemon), 豊雪斎 (Housessai)
  • Japanese: 中野道伴 (Nakano Douhan)

Nakano Dôhan was a Kyoto-based publisher, known especially for his 1626 publication of Keian Genju's Bunshi-ten Japanese readings of Zhu Xi's commentaries on the Four Books, as compiled by Tomari Jochiku.

Nakano studied in Neo-Confucianism under Nanpo Bunshi of the Satsunan school, and established a publishing business at Teramachi-Shijô-agaru which he later passed on to his successors. He published copies of Zhu Xi's commentaries on the Four Books (Sishu jizhu) using moveable wooden type, at Bunshi's suggestion, and later in 1626 published Tomari Jochiku's compilation of Keian Genju's Japanese-readable versions of the commentaries, based on a Chinese copy of the text published by Yu Mingtai of Fujian province.

He died in 1639 and was buried at Ryôren-ji. His younger brother Nakano Dôya was a publisher as well.


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