Mori Hidemoto

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Hidemoto was the eldest son of Môri Motokiyo (Motonari's 4th son) and was Terumoto's cousin. Before Sekigahara he governed Suo and Nagato. In 1600 he led a force that brought down Annotsu castle in the opening moves of the Sekigahara Campaign and at the Battle of Sekigahara he personally commanded a 15,000 man unit positioned on Mt. Nangû and was willing to offer battle. Kikkawa Hiroie, however, positioned to his front, had decided not to challenge the Tokugawa, and would not move. Hidemoto was therefore unable to lend his weight to the Western army and retreated without fighting. After the battle, his personal fief was later reduced by the Tokugawa to 50,000 koku (from 200,000).