Matsudaira Yoritsugu

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  • Japanese: 松平 頼縄 (Matsudaira Yoritsugu)

Matsudaira Yoritsugu was a Bakumatsu era lord of Hitachi Fuchû han. He served for a time as a guardian overseeing the administration of Mito han, alongside lord of Takamatsu han Matsudaira Yoritane and lord of Moriyama han Matsudaira Yorinobu while the lord of Mito, Tokugawa Yoshiatsu, was young. The three were dismissed from that position in 1849.[1]

Yoritsugu's younger brother Masajirô succeeded Tani Morinori to become lord of Yamaga han in 1855, taking the name Tani Morishige.[2]


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