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Majikina Yûkô was a master of classical Ryukyuan dance, credited with playing a major role in the revival of kumi udui dance-drama in the postwar era.


Following the death of his father when Yûkô was seven years old, he was adopted and raised by theatre actor Majikina Yûso. He made his stage debut in kumi udui as a child, before, around age 18, beginning more extensive study in kumi udui and classical dance under Tamagusuku Seijû.

He then became active in the local Okinawa shibai (Okinawan theatre) world, performing at many of the most prominent venues on the island, playing a role in the formation of various theatre companies and organizations, and eventually becoming the head of the Kokumin gekijô (National Citizens' Theatre) and of the Okinawa dentô kumi odori hozonkai (Okinawa Traditional Kumi Udui Preservation Association).

In 1972, the Japanese national government named kumi udui an Important Intangible Cultural Property, and named Majikina as one of the chief "holders" of that intangible heritage.

He died on February 2, 1982. His daughters Majikina Yoshino and Yoshinae succeeded him as head of the Majikina Honryû (Majikina main branch, or main school) of dance.


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