Majikina Anko

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  • Born: 1875/5/20
  • Died: 1933/12/28
  • Japanese: 真境名 安興 (Majikina Ankou)

Majikina Ankô was among the first major historians of Okinawa in the modern period.

Born and raised in Shuri, he was friends with Iha Fuyu since middle school; Iha would go on to become the "godfather" of Okinawan Studies.

He was a reporter for the Ryûkyû Shimpô, and worked for a time in the Okinawa Prefectural Office. In 1925, he became the head of the prefectural library.

Majikina's research covered a wide range of topics, including history, performing arts, folk culture, and industry; his publications include Okinawa issennen shi ("Okinawa 1000 Years History") and Okinawa gendai shi ("Okinawa Modern History"). His works have been collected in a four-volume zenshû ("Complete Works").

Tomiyama Kazuyuki has identified Majikina's Okinawa issennen shi as the original source of the belief that Satsuma han mandated members of Ryukyuan embassies to Edo to dress in Chinese/foreign-style clothing.[1]


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