Kyojo rokkan

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  • Japanese: 教条六款 (kyoujou rokkan)

The kyôjô rokkan were a six-point set of edicts issued by King Shô Tai of the Ryûkyû Kingdom following the Makishi-Onga Incident of 1859, aimed at eliminating corruption within his government.

The six points can be summarized as follows:

  1. Officials in government employ are to behave loyally, putting aside private desires and personal gain, and dedicating themselves to their official responsibilities.
  2. Through study, officials are to control their bodies and cool their hearts, acting correctly. Further, they are to actively use their energy to practice skills such as would be useful to the kingdom.
  3. Officials are to economize, and to not live luxuriously.
  4. Officials are not to curry favor with those possessing power, for the purposes of personal advancement. They are to observe the correct path.
  5. Officials are not to circulate heretical doctrines or slanderous statements about the administration.
  6. Peasants are the foundation of the state. Jitô are to govern the people sympathetically.


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