Kyan Chofu

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Kyan peechin Shô Ishin in a photo of the leaders of the 1872 embassy to Tokyo
  • Titles: 喜屋武親雲上 (Kyan peechin)
  • Other Names: 維新 (Shô Ishin / Xiàng Wéixīn)
  • Japanese: 喜屋武 朝扶 (Kyan Choufu)

Kyan peechin Chôfu was a Ryukyuan aristocrat and scholar-official prominent in the final years of the kingdom.

In 1872, while serving as a member of the Sanshikan, Kyan was appointed to serve as secretary (nicchô nushidori or sangikan) on an embassy to Tokyo, ostensibly dispatched to congratulate the Meiji Emperor on the restoration of imperial rule. Several years later, after returning to Ryûkyû, Kyan played a prominent role as an official of the court in receiving and dealing with Matsuda Michiyuki, the chief official appointed by the Meiji government to handle the absorption of the Ryûkyûs into Japan.

Once Japan's overthrow and annexation of the kingdom was complete, Kyan became a steward at the Tokyo mansion of the Shô family, the former royal family of Ryûkyû.

Remaining in Tokyo for some time, Kyan eventually returned to Okinawa, where he turned to making sanshin.


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