Kujo Hisatada

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  • Titles: Udaijin, Sadaijin
  • Japanese: 九条 尚忠 (Kujô Hisatada)

Kujô Hisatada was a court noble and imperial court official of the Bakumatsu period. He succeeded Takatsukasa Masamichi as kanpaku in 1856; the following year, he was stripped of the title Sadaijin but remained kanpaku.

In 1846, his daughter Kujô Asako was married to Crown Prince Osahito, who then took the throne as Emperor Kômei; she came to be known as Empress Eishô.[1]

The following year, in 1847, Hisatada was promoted from Udaijin to Sadaijin.[2] Over the ensuing years, he served as an imperial envoy to Edo on a number of occasions.

One of his sons was adopted by Takatsukasa Sukehiro and given the name Takatsukasa Hiromichi; he later succeeded another of Sukehiro's sons to become monshu (head) of the Kyoto temple of Daigo-ji Sanbô-in.[3]

Hisatada was named kanpaku on 1856/8/8.[4]


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