Kobashigawa Eisho

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A vase by Kobashigawa, on display at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum
  • Born: 1909
  • Died: 1978
  • Other Names: 小橋川仁王 (Kobashigawa Niou)
  • Japanese: 小橋川 永昌 (Kobashigawa Eishou)

Kobashigawa Eishô, also known as Kobashigawa Niô II, was a prominent 20th century Okinawan potter. Along with Kinjô Jirô and Aragaki Eisaburô, he was considered one of the "Three [Potters] of Tsuboya" (Tsuboya no sannin otoko).

Trained under his father, Kobashigawa Niô, he took on that name as well.


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