Kiyu Treaty

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  • Date: 1609/3
  • Japanese/Korean: 己酉条約 (Kiyuu yakujou / Kiyu yakcho)

The Kiyû Treaty was a treaty signed between the domain of Tsushima and the royal court of Joseon Dynasty Korea, re-establishing friendly relations in the aftermath of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasions of Korea in the 1590s.

The treaty set a number of stipulations for trade relations, including that Japanese traveling to Korea would be restricted to Pusan and could not travel further into Korea without special authorization. Korea was also obliged to provide 100 koku worth of rice and beans to Tsushima han each year, and to allow Tsushima agents to conduct trade at the Waegwan ("Japan House") in Pusan.

The treaty was later revised in 1635.


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