Kanze Nagatoshi

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  • Born: 1488
  • Died: 1541
  • Japanese: 観世弥次郎長俊 (Kanze Yajirou Nagatoshi)

Kanze Yajirô Nagatoshi was the son of Noh actor & playwright Kanze Kojirô Nobumitsu, and a prominent Noh actor and playwright in his own right, in his time.

Today, only three of Nagatoshi's plays remain in the repertoire and they are only performed rarely. Three others are known, but have fallen out of the repertoire. During his life, however, Nagatoshi played a key role in teaching and supporting successive heads of the Kanze school, and in developing - alongside his father, and their contemporary Konparu Zenpô - a style known today as fûryû Noh ("in-style Noh") or geki Noh ("dramatic Noh"). Noh plays in this mode involved more complex plots and sets, slightly larger casts, and more action and drama between characters, among other features.


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