Kamei clan

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The Kamei kamon.
  • Japanese: 亀井(Kamei ke)

The Kamei derived from Kii province (modern-day Wakayama prefecture) and in the Edo period based chiefly in Iwami province (modern-day Shimane prefecture).

Kamei Korenori (1557-1612) supported Toyotomi Hideyoshi against the Môri clan in 1582, and in return was promised holdings in Izumo province. Since Izumo was given to the Môri as part of the truce agreements, however, Kamei was instead named “Ryūkyū no kami,” or “Lord of Ryūkyū.” According to a story which may be apocryphal, Hideyoshi granted this by inscribing a fan with the words "Ryûkyû no kami" or the like right there on the spot and tossing the fan to Kamei; this fan was then said to have been found by Korean warriors in a sinking or sunken Japanese ship during Hideyoshi's Korean Invasions. In any case, despite being known as "Lord of Ryûkyû," Korenori never actually traveled to Ryūkyū after that, however, nor wielded any effective power over the islands whatsoever.

Korenori remained lord of Shikano han, however, in Inaba province, passing it on to his son Kamei Masanori. In 1617, Masanori was transferred from Shikano to Tsuwano han, and the Kamei remained lords of Tsuwano through the remainder of the Edo period.

Selected Members of the Kamei clan