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  • Japanese/Okinawan: かぎやで風節 (kagiyade fuu bushi / kajadi fuu bushi)

Kajadefû-bushi is a classical Okinawan song, still frequently played today as an auspicious opening to an event. Employing the lyrics from a classic ryûka poem, the song was performed by Ryukyuan embassies to Edo since at least 1710; it is perhaps the only Okinawan song to ever be performed within Edo castle. Kajadefû-bushi was regularly performed for banquets and entertainments on special occasions within the Ryukyuan royal court for some decades or even centuries prior to that. It is considered one of the gozenfû itsufushi (O: gujinfû ichifushi), the five songs played before the king.[1]

The Ryûka is follows:

今日の誇らしゃや 何にぎやな譬る 蕾で居る花の 露行逢たごと

Kiyu nu fukurasha ya Nao ni jana tatiru Chibudiuru hana nu Chiyu chata gutu

Meaning roughly:

"The happiness of today, to what might I compare it? To a budding flower meeting a drop of dew."


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