Itakura Katsukiyo

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  • Japanese: 板倉 勝静 (Itakura Katsukiyo)

Itakura Katsukiyo was a Bakumatsu period Tokugawa shogunate official. He served as jisha bugyô from 1857 to 1859, before being ousted from that position for regularly expressing judgements opposed to those of his colleagues.[1] He nevertheless was later appointed to the rôjû, but was ousted from that position as well in 1864 as the result of political factionalism.

While serving as rôjû in the early 1860s, he worked alongside Kido Takayoshi, Katsu Kaishû, Yamada Hôkoku, and Ôshima Tomonojô to direct shogunate support to Tsushima han to help investigate and defend against any attempts by Western powers to invade or colonize Korea or Tsushima.[2]


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