Ido Satohiro

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  • Titles: Tsushima no kami
  • Japanese: 井戸 覚広 (Ido Satohiro)

Ido Satohiro was a Tokugawa shogunate official who served as Nagasaki bugyô from sometime prior to 1847 until sometime after 1849, and as Edo machi bugyô from sometime prior to 1853 until 1856, when he was named Ômetsuke. He played a prominent official role in the shogunate's engagements with US officials in the mid-1850s, including being one of the signatories to the 1854 Convention of Kanagawa, and even after becoming Edo machi bugyô served as one of the Ôsetsukakari (reception officers) for a time, helping to lead the shogunate's engagement with Commodore Perry and his men.


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