Hozui-maru (1864)

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  • Japanese: 豊瑞丸 (Houzui maru)

The Hôzui-maru was a steel steamship imported by Satsuma han in 1864, via Nagasaki, through the assistance of British merchant Thomas Glover. Originally named the Number One, it was renamed Hôzui-maru by Satsuma.

The ship was equipped with an internal steam engine of 105 horsepower. It was not armed with any cannon.

The Hôzui-maru carried the 1872 Ryukyuan embassy (led by Prince Ie Chôchoku) to Tokyo.[1]

While traveling from Nagasaki to Kobe in 1874, however, the ship suffered an explosion and sank. A memorial to those who died in the sinking was later erected at Nôfuku-ji in Kobe.[2]


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