Hori Toshitada

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  • Died: 1860/11/6
  • Titles: 織部 (Oribe), 織部正 (Oribe no shô)
  • Other Names: 利煕 (Toshihiro)
  • Japanese: 利忠 (Hori Toshitada)

Hori Toshitada was a Bakumatsu era Tokugawa shogunate official.

He was reassigned from Kachigashira to metsuke on 1853/5/14, and then to Kaibô kakari (an official assigned to matters of coastal defense) a few weeks later, on 6/7. During the remainder of that year, he engaged in a number of activities related to coastal defense, including overseeing the production of cannon and large oceangoing vessels and submitting his opinions to the shogunate regarding whether or not to exchange formal diplomatic letters with the United States.

On 1854/1/22, he and Kanjô ginmiyaku Muragaki Norimasa were assigned Matsumae Ezo Yôkakari (officials assigned to matters in Ezo/Matsumae, i.e. Hokkaidô). He continued to participate in discussions and activities otherwise pertaining to coastal defense and interactions with the United States until his departure from Edo for Ezo two months later, on 3/27. The two arrived at Matsumae early in the 5th month, and at Cape Sôya near the northern tip of the main island of Ezo by the end of that month. In the 6th month, they crossed over to Sakhalin, where they visited Kushunkotan (a village where the Russians had set up an encampment the previous year) and conducted a survey of the area around the 50th parallel.

While Muragaki returned to Edo, Hori was ordered to remain on duty at Hakodate for a time, and was then named Hakodate bugyô on 8/27 of that same year.

Hori committed suicide on 1860/11/6.


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