Hasegawa Seifuku

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  • Died: 1855/5/7
  • Titles: Hizen no kami
  • Other Names: 甚兵衛 (Jinbei)
  • Japanese: 長谷川 清福 (Hasegawa Seifuku)

Hasegawa Seifuku was a Tokugawa shogunate official who served for a number of years in the 1850s as kinritsuki (an official attached to the Imperial court) and in other positions.

Promoted from Nishinomaru metsuke to Metsuke in 1847, Seifuku was assigned to the imperial court in 1852. The following year, he was one of numerous officials to submit his formal opinions regarding engagement with the United States (i.e. by responding to Commodore Perry) to the shogunate.

In 1854, Seifuku became one of a number of shogunate officials assigned to help oversee (re)construction efforts at the imperial palace, and was later honored by the shogun for his efforts. The following year, however, he suddenly fell seriously ill, dying in Kyoto on 1855/5/7.


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