Gaoquan Xingdun

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  • Born: 1633
  • Died: 1695
  • Chinese/Japanese: 高泉性潡 (Gāoquán Xìngdùn / Kôsen Shôton)

Gaoquan Xingdun was the fifth abbot of the Ôbaku Zen temple of Manpuku-ji in Uji.

While in Edo in 1692 to present his official respects and gratitude to the shogun for his appointment to the position as abbot, Gaoquan met daimyô Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu, who had a strong interest in Zen and in Chinese language and culture; Yoshiyasu regularly prepared receptions for Gauquan on his future journeys to Edo, and officially became his disciple in 1695. Gaoquan is said to have played a significant role in sparking Yoshiyasu's interest in Chinese language and culture, and initiating his training in it, though Gaoquan passed away in 1695, only a few years after their first meeting.


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