Fuchu castle

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Not to be confused with the Fuchû in Kai province, or Tsushima Fuchû han.

  • Japanese: 府中城 (Fuchuu-jou)

Fuchû castle was an Asakura clan fortress in Echizen province, located on the site of what is today Takefu town hall, within the city of Echizen, Fukui prefecture.

The castle, and the area around it, came to be called Fuchû after the Asakura's post as fuchû bugyô. They lost the castle, and their territory, to Oda Nobunaga in 1575. He departed from Gifu castle, and approached Fuchû from Tsuruga, establishing a base at Ryûmonji castle and destroying the Ikkô-ikki there. Fuchû fell in the eighth month of that year; Nobunaga installed Maeda Toshiie as the castle's new lord, with an income of 100,000 koku.

Lords of Fuchû


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