Former Kyoto Prefectural Headquarters

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The gates to the Kyoto Prefectural Headquarters complex, with the former headquarters in the background
  • Date: 1904
  • Japanese: 京都府庁旧本館 (Kyouto fu chou kyuu honkan)

The former headquarters of the Kyoto prefectural government is a Neo-Renaissance building located at the Shinmachi-Shimotachiuri intersection in Kyoto, a few blocks west of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Built in 1904, it is the oldest government administration office building still in use, and has been designated an Important Cultural Property.

Completed on 20 December 1904, the building served as the headquarters of the Kyoto prefectural government until 1971. Though a neighboring building within the same complex now serves as the primary headquarters of the prefectural government, the government continues to employ offices and conference rooms in the 1904 building at the center of the compound.


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