Daigyo-ji (Kyoto)

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  • Founded: 1821, Shingyô Sôzu
  • Other Names: 長谷山北ノ院 (choukokuzan kitanoin)
  • Japanese: 大行寺 (daigyou-ji)

Daigyô-ji is a Shin-shû Buddhist temple in Kyoto, associated with the neighboring Bukkô-ji.

The temple was founded in 1821 by gakutô (highest ranking scholarly monk) Shingyô Sôzu, on the site of the moon-viewing tower (tsukimi goten) of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Bukkôji Takakura Palace. It was then moved to its current location, adjacent to Bukkô-ji, in 1853.

The chief object of worship at Daigyô-ji is a statue of Amida Buddha, which has been nationally designated an Important Cultural Property.


  • Plaques on-site.