Chofu han

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  • Territory: based around Shimonoseki
  • Lords: Môri clan
  • Kokudaka: 50,000
  • Other Names: 長門府中藩 (Nagato Fuchû han)
  • Japanese: 長府藩 (Choufu han)

Nagato Fuchû han, often abbreviated to Chôfu han,[1] was a branch domain of Chôshû han. Ruled by a branch of the Môri clan, the domain was based in the city of Shimonoseki, and had a kokudaka of 50,000 koku. The lords of Chôfu were "castle-holder" (shiro-nushi or shiro-mochi) daimyô, and were assigned to the Yanagi-no-ma in Edo castle.

The domain's kami yashiki (upper mansion) in Edo was located in what is today Roppongi 6-chôme, adjacent to or including the area today covered by Roppongi Hills. A portion of the grounds is maintained as a park or garden today, under the name Môri Gardens.[2]

The Meiji period Nihonga pioneer Kanô Hôgai is among the notable figures originally from Chôfu; he was born and raised the son of Kanô Seikô, a court painter in the official service of the lords of Chôfu, and later succeeded his father to that position.[3]


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