Bojo Toshiaki

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  • Japanese: 坊城 俊明 (Bôjô Toshiaki)

Bôjô Toshiaki was a court noble and imperial court official who served as imperial envoy, buke tensô (court liaison to the Tokugawa shogunate) and related positions on-and-off in the 1840s-1850s.

Bôjô traveled to Edo in 1846 alongside Tokudaiji Sanekata as imperial envoys, presenting formal New Year's greetings and paying respects otherwise to the shogun on behalf of the court; the following year, with both having by this time been named buke tensô, they did the same. In 1848, Bôjô then traveled to Edo once again, this time alongside Sanjô Sanetsumu, as imperial envoys officially expressing gratitude on behalf of the emperor for the shogunate's congratulations on the occasion of the New Year, and the occasion of the 1846 accession of Emperor Kômei.

Bôjô would continue to travel to Edo on behalf of the imperial court on an annual basis well into the 1850s, typically alongside Sanjô Sanetsumu, as well as engaging in meetings with the Kyoto shoshidai in Kyoto and other matters of court-shogunate relations. On 1854/6/30, he was dismissed from his post as buke tensô and replaced by Higashibôjô Tokinaga.


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