Atomi Kakei

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  • Born: 1840
  • Died: 1926
  • Other Names: 滝野 (Takino)
  • Japanese: 跡見花蹊 (Atomi Kakei)

Atomi Kakei was a Meiji period educator, scholar of Sino-Japanese studies, and Maruyama school painter, known for her works decorating the Sakura mansion of Hotta Masatomo.

Born in Settsu province in 1840, she helped at her father's juku before moving to Kyoto, where she opened her own juku, teaching painting, calligraphy, and poetry. She then moved to Tokyo in 1870, and in 1875 opened a general school for girls known as the Atomi School.


  • Plaques on-site at Hotta mansion, Sakura, Chiba.