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Kyôhô 6 (享保六年)

Timeline of 1721

  • 1721/3 The shogunal falconry grounds fall out of use. Falconry is not practiced there for the remainder of the Edo period, but the grounds remain off-limits to commoners and peasants (incl. especially prohibiting them from shooting, or hunting, birds on those grounds).

Other Events of 1721

  • The shogunate begins authorizing nakama guild groups to become kabunakama, overseeing the organization and trade within given trades (fields of work). In Kyoto, guilds of scholarly book wholesalers (shomotsu doiya nakama) and of wholesalers of woodblock prints and popular fiction (jihon doiya nakama), are formed.
  • The shogunate begins ordering domains to report population surveys once every six years.
  • A shogunate edict sets limits on the size of sankin kôtai processions; most processions continue to be dramatically in excess of these limits for many years afterward.
  • A shogunal ban on yomiuri news-singers and news-papers is re-issued.
  • Xu Baoguang completes the Zhongshan chuanxin lu (J: Chûzan denshin roku).
  • Zhu Yigui seizes the prefectural capital of Taiwan; his rebellion lasts two months before being defeated by a son of Admiral Shi Lang.

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