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Kan'ei 4 (寛永四年)

Timeline of 1627

Other Events of 1627

  • The tenshu of Hirosaki castle is struck by lightning and burns down. The castle falls into disuse.
  • Katô Yoshiaki is transferred from Matsuyama castle. Gamô Tadatomo takes his place as lord of Matsuyama.
  • Manchu invasions of Korea. The shogunate offers aid, but, communicating via Tsushima, Korea declines the offer.
  • Manchu rulers establish a bureaucracy based on the model of Ming Dynasty China.
  • War breaks out between Northern (Tonkin) and Southern (Quang Nam) Viet Nam. Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, lord of Quang Nam, along with representatives of the Japanese community at Hoi An, send letters to the Tokugawa shogunate requesting that trade and relations between Japan and Tonkin end.

Births and Deaths

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