Miyahara Yoshinao

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  • Titles: Settsu no kami
  • Japanese: 宮原 義直 (Miyahara Yoshinao)

Miyahara Yoshinao was a Bakumatsu period kôke who performed a number of ceremonial roles for the Tokugawa shogunate. He was a son of kôke Miyahara Yoshichika.

Following the death of Shinseiwa-in (empress consort to Emperor Kôkaku) in 1846, Miyahara traveled from Edo to Kyoto to make a formal inquiry as to the emperor's well-being, on behalf of the shogun. He then traveled as an official shogunal envoy to Kyoto again the following year in celebration of the confirmation of a new empress (kôtaigô).

In 1849, he traveled to Ise Shrine to offer prayers on behalf of the shogun on the occasion of the new year; four years later, in 1853, he was assigned to do the same at Nikkô Tôshôgû. Two years after that, in 1855, he was appointed "New Year's envoy" again, traveling this time to pay respects and offer New Year's congratulations on behalf of the shogun to the imperial court.

His adopted son Miyahara Yoshimochi also served the shogunate as kôke.


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