Francis Xavier

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  • Born: 16th century
  • Died: 16th century
  • Other names: Francisco de Xavier

Francis Xavier was a Spanish Jesuit priest who traveled around Asia and helped found the Jesuit Mission of Japan.


In December of 1547, when Francis Xavier was living in Malaca, he became acquainted with Anjirō, a Japanese living abroad who converted to Christianity.

In 1549, along with two other Jesuits, Cosme de Torres and Juan Fernández, Francis Xavier helped found the first Catholic mission in Japan. He lived for a year in Kagoshima, then moved to Hirado in the spring of 1550. He then moved on to Yamaguchi, where he assisted his fellow Jesuits preaching in the streets.

During his missionary work, Francis Xavier sent back many letters and other documents which have proved an important look at European views of Japan and Asia at that time.


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