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==Other Events==
==Other Events==
*Pottery techniques are imported from Korea.
*Pottery techniques are imported from Korea.
*[[Niwa Nagashige]] takes command of [[Komatsu castle]] in [[Kaga province]].

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Keichô 2 (慶長二年)

Timeline of 1597

  • 1597/2/21 Toyotomi Hideyoshi orders a resumption of the war in Korea. Ukita Hideie is placed in overall command.
  • 1597/5/4 Construction of Fushimi castle completed.
  • 1597/7 Moveable type printing begins, based on models of mechanisms captured in Korea.
  • 1597/8 Japanese troops capture Namwon.
  • 1597/8/28 Ashikaga Yoshiaki dies.
  • 1597/9 The 'miracle at Myongyang': 16 ships under Yi Sun Shin defeat a Japanese fleet of 133 vessels.
  • 1597/12 Katô Kiyomasa and Asano Yukinaga are besieged in Ulsan. The seige continues into the following spring.

Other Events

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