Zucho (Shiiduho Ataiho)

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A diagram from the Zuchô (Ataihô) showing the proper seating of officials and others of particular ranks within the ground floor throne room (shicha gui) of Shuri castle.
  • Date: 1839
  • Japanese: 図帳(勢頭方・当方)(Zuchô (Shiiduhô, Ataihô))

The Zuchô (Shiiduhô, Ataihô) are two sets of historical documents held by the Okinawa Prefectural University of the Arts Library and pertaining to court ceremony performed at Shuri castle and elsewhere in the Ryûkyû Kingdom.

Both were produced in 1839 as transcribed copies of earlier documents which are no longer extant, and for which the dates are not known. Both include numerous diagrams showing where officials and others stood or sat for particular court ceremonies and where particular temporary structures, ritual objects, and other accoutrements were placed for those ceremonies.


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