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  • Japanese: 泉涌寺 (Sennyuuji)

Sennyû-ji is a Buddhist temple outside Kyoto, established c. 824-833. Emperors beginning with Emperor Go-Mizunoo (r. 1611-1629) were buried there.

The temple suffered a serious fire on 1858/12/22, with the Reimeiden and several other buildings burning down.[1]

It was the site, too, of the funerals of Emperor Kômei (d. 1867) and his wife, Empress Eishô (d. 1897). Kômei's was the last imperial funeral to be performed by Buddhist priests. That of Eishô was performed in an almost entirely Shinto manner, expunged of Buddhist elements excepting for it taking place at a Buddhist temple, which no later Imperial funerals have.[2]


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