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The view through the gates of Sangen-in. Access to the temple is generally not permitted to the public.
  • Founded: 1589
  • Japanese: 三玄院 (Sangen-in)

Sangen-in is a sub-temple of Daitoku-ji in Kyoto, founded in 1589 by Ishida Mitsunari, Asano Yukinaga, and Mori Tadamasa (younger brother of Mori Ranmaru).

Shun'oku Sôen, the first abbot of Sangen-in, instructed a number of famous figures in the way of Zen, including Hasegawa Tôhaku, Kobori Enshû, Furuta Oribe, and Tônai Kenchû.

Takuan Sôhô, Sen Sôtan, and others also studied here, and the temple grounds contain the graves of Shun'oku, Mitsunari, Tadamasa, Kenchû, and Oribe.

The temple is generally not open to the public.


  • Official plaques on site.