Emperor Go-Ichijo

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Tomb of Emperor Go-Ichijô, in Kyoto
  • Died: 1036
  • Reign: 1016-1036
  • Japanese: 後一条天皇 (Go-Ichijou tennou)

Emperor Go-Ichijô reigned from 1016, when he was about ten years old, until his death in 1036. He was the second son of Emperor Ichijô. His mother and wife were both daughters of Fujiwara no Michinaga.

Michinaga, in his function as sesshô (regent), dominated governance for the first two years of Go-Ichijô's reign. Fujiwara no Yorimichi then served as sesshô, and then as kanpaku, from 1019 until 1068 (through nearly all of Go-Ichijô's reign, and of the following two emperors).

Go-Ichijô was succeeded by his elder brother, who took the throne in 1036 as Emperor Go-Suzaku.

Go-Ichijô's mausoleum in Kyoto is also the site of the grave of Shôshi-naishinnô, one of his daughters, who was an empress consort (chûgû) to Emperor Go-Reizei (r. 1045-1068).

Preceded by
Emperor Sanjô
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Go-Suzaku


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