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  • Japanese: ぶくぶく茶 (bukubuku cha)

Bukubukucha is a type of tea traditionally served in Okinawan tea ceremony, distinctive for the tall mound of foam atop the teacup; today it is more widely available, at certain specialty cafés and the like in Okinawa. Traditionally, it was also served to men preparing to leave on a sea voyage, as a notion of good luck for a safe voyage and a safe return.

At its base, bukubukucha is genmaicha - green tea brewed with roasted rice grains along with the tea leaves. The distinctive mineral qualities of Okinawan water, combined with white rice powder, allow the large mounds of foam to be formed. It is said that bukubukucha was served at Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Grand Kitano Tea Ceremony in 1587, but that since the wrong water was used, the foam couldn't be formed properly.


  • Okinawan traditional culture demonstration, East-West Center International Conference in Okinawa, Sept 2014.