Yokomichi Hyogonosuke

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  • Died: 1570
  • Distinction: Amako retainer
  • Japanese: 横道兵庫之助 (Yokomichi Hyougonosuke)

Hyôgonosuke was a retainer of Amako Yoshihisa and distinguished himself at the Siege of Gassan-Toda Castle. When the castle was surrendered to the Môri, Hyôgonosuke went to Kyoto and at first took up with Matsunaga Hisahide. When Hyôgonosuke learned that Yamanaka Shikanosuke was raising an army to restore the Amako, he hastened to join him after obtaining Hisahide's permisson. Before he left, Hisahide gave him a suit of armor and sword and saw him on his way. In battle with the Môri in Izumo Province, he fought bravely and killed Awaya Matazaemon and Tado Saemon. Unfortunatly, he was stabbed by an assasin sent by a rival within his own party. He is considered one of the 'Ten Heroes' of the Amako family.