Naoe Kagetsuna

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Kagetsuna was the son of Naoe Chikatsuna. He served Uesugi Kenshin as a councilor and lived in Yoita castle, receiving the title Yamato no kami in 1562 (the same year he received the gift of the character 'Kage' to use in his name and changed his name from Masatsuna to Kagetsuna). He became one of Kenshin's principal retainers and as a bugyô was relied on in diplomatic and administrative affairs. He accompanied Kenshin on his campaign into Etchu province in 1576 and was that winter entrusted with the newly constructed Sekidôsan castle in Noto province. He died in the 3rd month of the following year and was succeeded by his adopted son (and son-in-law), Nobutsuna.