Hara Toratane

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Toratane's family were at one time vassals of the Chiba of Shimosa before entering the service of Takeda Nobutora. He assisted in the defeat of Fukushima Masashige in 1521 and earned a reputation as one of the most skilled Takeda generals. Interestingly, he deserted the Takeda briefly in 1553 to the Hôjô, though he was convinced to return shortly after. He was active in the Takeda's wars in Shinano province and died of wounds suffered at Warikadake in 1561. He was reputed to have been wounded no fewer then 53 times over the course of some 30 battles. Ironically, after his death his title of Mino no Kami went to Baba Nobufusa - who was equally famed for never having been injured once in battle prior to his own death.