Battle of Tedorigawa

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Shibata Katsuie/Maeda Toshiie (under the command of Oda Nobunaga) (48,000) vs. Uesugi Kenshin

Uesugi Kenshin invaded Noto Province in the fall of 1577, prompting Oda Nobunaga to dispatch a sizable army to the relief of his allies there at Nanao Castle. Kenshin was initally hesitant to face the great host and avoided a battle until Nanao was brought down. When the Oda learned that Nanao had fallen to Kenshin, they began to withdraw but were goaded into battle at the Tedori River in Kaga. Kenshin tricked Nobunaga into launching a frontal attack across the Tedorigawa and defeated him. Having suffered the loss of 1,000 men, the Oda withdrew south. This was destined to be Kenshin's last great battle. Estimations on the size of Kenshin's forces at this fight range from 8,000 to as many as 30,000.