Araki Yukishige

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  • Distinction: Akechi retainer
  • Title: Yamashiro no kami

Yukishige served Akechi Mitsuhide. His connection, if any, to Araki Murashige is unknown, though there is speculation that he may have been a cousin of some sort. A native of Tamba province, he entered the service of the Akechi around 1577 and was named as lord of Sonobe castle (in Tamba). At the time of Mitshude's rebellion against Nobunaga (June 1582), Yukishige was in the company of Akechi Mitsuharu. He survived the Akechi defeat and afterwards became a retainer of Hosokawa Tadaoki. The course of his life, both before and after his service with the Akechi, is hazy at best.